I’m in my mid 30’s. In 2016, thanks to the votes and support of all the women in Tough Girl Tribe and as part of Tough Girl Challenges, I decided to train for an ultra marathon. This was documented on some Podcasts as part of 7 women 7 challenges for 2017.
My starting point was being able to run 5k and my aim was to get to Dig Deep’s Intro Ultra (30 miles).
My journey started and running became my anti-depressant, mine and my husband’s time together and something that made me incredibly proud of achieving.
5 months into my training, against some very slim odds and against what I had been told at the age of 26, I feel pregnant.
What follows is my journey as I try to navigate my way from being the tattooed, rock climber and runner to pregnant woman and finally mum. How my identity changes, how my sport changes and how my life changes.
Be warned – I swear, I’m not cuddly and I am going to tell it how it is from my perspective.
All the information in here is just my ramblings, a few links to what I consider to be useful resources and should not be taken as the only way to do things.
Feel free to comment!