3rd Trimester

So, the 2nd trimester is out the way. It was a nice trimester.

The 3rd trimester is in full swing which means:

  • I look pregnant so people are talking to me about my pregnancy (it’s nice)
  • The baby is moving a lot more and I can see it moving (think Alien)
  • Exercise has changed (again) – more on that in a bit
  • I’ve not got the overwhelming tiredness as yet….. but I am not sleeping that well due to hip pain (it’s not SDP)

So, exercise.

I was walking, doing yoga, doing my squats (I now have  2.5kg and 5kg weight added in) and generally trying to stay active. The baby was thought to be breach at the last appointment so I have been doing some exercises specific to getting it to turn.

However, last week I began feeling a bit odd. Nothing I could really put my finger on, but just a bit odd. Then on Saturday just gone I felt really lightheaded and sick. Come Sunday morning and I threw up my breakfast and then passed out – not fun.

Turns out that I have really low blood pressure. I have fairly low blood pressure anyway, but what appears to have happened is that as soon as I ate the blood rushed to my stomach to process it, causing it to leave other organs and this caused me to faint.

As my husband is away I now don’t feel too safe walking on my own, so that’s been knocked on the head. To go from running 13k to being house bound in 6 months is a huge change and something that has been trick to get my head round. However, husband is back in two weeks so I will be outside again!

I’ll keep you posted.


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