Pregnancy and birth: If I could give you one piece of advice…….


I could have waited until the end of the post to draw the whole thing out, but, in all seriousness, if you are anything like me at 26 weeks you have already read enough click bait on pregnancy to see you through 14 lifetimes.

So, why is water my one piece of advice? Here goes:

  • Heartburn – it appears to be relieved by drinking plenty of water (and almonds weirdly, but water is still relevant). Never in my life had heartburn before, but the joy that is pregnancy means I now get it daily.
  • Constipation – water helps ease the ……………. natural flow of things. I have found that if you are not hydrated then you can’t poo. Simple. p.s. if you cannot poo or if it’s hard work then you are more likely to get hemorrhoids.
  • UTI’s – more common in pregnancy apparently although I am yet to suffer, but staying hydrated helps prevent them. If you are peeing clear then your body is doing ok (on the water front).
  • Tiredness – drink water. Doesn’t solve it, but I have found it helps me get back on balance.
  • Round ligament pain – seems to be worse when I am not hydrated.
  • Digestion – ate a bit too much? Drink some water (sips) to help. It helps the food to digest easier if you have some water with food.

Apparently water also helps with:

  • Giving birth as it helps ease the pain and is thought to help prevent tearing. Plus apparently the baby is less stressed if it’s birthed into water as it is an easier transition for it so is more likely to latch on and so the placenta is more likely to come out of its own accord.
  • Breastfeeding – if you are not hydrated then the milk supply doesn’t come in as well, plus you will find it harder to breastfeed.

Essentially, water has bene the answer to a lot of the issues I have faced during pregnancy and i’m pretty sure that it’ll carry on being one of the most useful things in my weapon against all the ailments pregnancy brings.



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  1. klyse3 says:

    Water is magical in general. I’m always surprised when I feel crappy mid-afternoon and then realize I haven’t had enough water.


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