Pregnancy – What does it LOOK like?

Google is good and bad. It’s good because if you start getting nose bleeds in your 20th week having never had them before you can find out that it’s likely to be a normal pregnancy issue rather than “hospital” pregnancy issue. You can find out what stage the baby is at and what is potentially coming next. It is bad because it’s accessible at any time of day and you can turn a normal feeling into an abnormal one.

The main thing I have struggled with while pregnant is other people’s perceptions of what I should and should not be doing, plus how I should and should not be looking.

I’m 23 weeks (ish) at the moment and, to me, I look pregnant. To my work colleagues I looked pregnant, to my husband I do, but to the general public, so far, I have only had one lady ask if I am pregnant and that was only after we started a conversation on the beach where I was wearing a kind of bikini/maternity pants combo. She said herself that she hadn’t been sure and didn’t want to ask (air enough).

My bump is sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller. If I sit down all day and do no exercise it’s bigger, but if I go for a walk or swim then it stays compact. However this has been a source of constant worry for me as I have no ide what is “normal”. This is where Google has saved the day.

Go ahead, Google 23 weeks pregnant and go to imagines. You get pictures of women who look obviously pregnant. You get images of women who, unless they were naked, you’d probably miss it. You get images of women who, from the side, look pregnant ish, but from the front don’t look pregnant at all. So, what’s “normal”. I have come to the conclusion that everything is normal as everyone is different.

Part of me wants a bigger bump because then I will look pregnant, but part of me is happy that it’s so far stayed small as it’s making life easier. The baby is the size of a large mango at the moment and I assume all the bits that come with it are about the same size.

My body confidence has actually got better as well. I am proud of what my body is achieving and proud that is has managed to, so far, carry the baby safely and I don’t give a toss about cellulite. So, when I was on the beach yesterday and realised that my bikini bottoms no longer fit I was happy to wonder round in my maternity pants and bikini top.

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