Active Pregnancy and Braxton Hicks contractions

So, I am now officially half way! Ye!

How does my activity look?

Things I can do and actually do on a regular basis are:

  • Walk – I am generally hitting between 2 and 5 miles a day.
  • Climb – this has been less frequent admittedly, but does still happen (indoors and out, bouldering and ropes, but no leading). My grade has dropped (about 1 grade), but it feels good still.
  • Yoga – about twice a week (pregnancy specific).
  • HIIT – about three times a week (pregnancy specific).
  • Squats – at least 20 a day.
  • Pelvic Floor Exercises – I try to do these daily, but haven’t. However, I am going to be more on it now as, after speaking to a friend, it’s dawned on me that they are going to help the birth! I have also ordered some Kegel weights to help.
  • Running – hit and miss with this, but I did my 22 minutes for Manchester yesterday (part of Virtual Runner and it felt good so I plan to get out more.

The bit I am missing is my mental training. I am rubbish at this in general, but I need to get better at it and so I am getting some podcasts on hypnobirthing. I need to mentally prepare for the birth to give myself the best chance of having a safe delivery.

Also, lets talk Braxton Hicks Contractions. I know of them as I have watched the episode of Friends where Phoebe has them. I know that they are fake contractions and that your body is preparing you for labour …………….. or to scare the living daylights out of you like it did to me today. I had no idea what they felt like. Seeing as I have never had a kid before then how could I know? So, what do they feel like? Well, for me it felt like someone had inserted a poker into me while my “middle” area hurt a bit and went tight a bit. To be totally honest, at first I thought it was bad constipation so I tootled off to the bathroom (the most visited place by me at work). However, it clearly wasn’t constipation.

I spoke to a few of the ladies I work with about it and they reassured me that at 20 weeks this kind of thing is normal. Interesting how “normal” changes, eh? For the past few days my tummy area has been tight and a bit sore when I have been walking. A bit like muscle pain the day after a run or climb. I’d just assumed i’d done too much. I now think that it’s my body changing as the baby grows.

I am also getting bigger. Goodness knows how much bigger I am going to get by the end of all this……. However, it’s all baby as my new sticky outy bit is solid.

Other bits of my body are pretty much the same, although I appear to have lost a little bit of weight off my face so I think the exercise is helping.

I’m feeling confident that I can keep exercising in one form or another up to the birth. I’ll keep you posted.


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