Running – how’d it go?

So, did I manage my two runs? Kind of. They were more jogs than runs to be absolutely honest, but I did get out there. I also managed to do some of the HIIT training and get two lots of 5 mile walks plus I averaged 3 miles walking each day in so all in all this week has been a good exercise week.

Exercising while pregnant has many obstacles. There is the shortness of breath, there is the added weight, there is the physical bump, there are the lack of any decent clothes to train in which for me changes my mental mindset, there is the increased body temperature which, in 28 degrees heat, feels huge and there is the emotional side.

To be brutally honest this week has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I am more emotional. I feel unhappy (at times) and I feel like I am under a huge amount of pressure. It’s not helped moving to a new area, having a new job and having my husband away, but I am determined to keep on top of it all.

I have also suddenly started showing and now have to wear maternity clothes (which enhances the look of being pregnant BTW).  I am visibly pregnant to the general world and the baby is also moving around a lot more. What did feel like the odd “fish moving past you in the water” movement has now progressed into some definite kicks. The baby reacts if I sit hunched over, it seems to generally be awake between 11am and 3pm and I am now even more conscious of carrying another life around. More pressure.

However, maintaining my own physical health has been really important. I always feel better after a run/walk. I always feel better after doing my HIIT exercises. I always feel better after doing my pelvic floor exercises. I always feel better for drinking more water.

To any pregnant ladies out there – please stay active if you can. It really is worth it.



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