HIIT training – ummm while pregnant?

So, probably one of the more interesting things I have Googled since being pregnant (I won’t bore you with the other weird and wonderful Googles ATM)……………………

Sitting at work today while doing my pelvic floor exercises with the word Wizards Sleeve banging around in my head (thanks hubby) I was thinking about exercises. Due to driving for two hours a day I am finding that time to do exercise is getting limited.  I get up at 6am and get home around 6pm tired and hungry. By the time I have eaten, let the food settle and then got out the door I am managing around 20 minutes jogging before I am shattered and heading back. Plus I live in a really hilly area and 20 minutes can be spent walking up a hill only to run back down the other side. I’m not helping myself in any real way.

So, I Googled HIIT exercises or pregnancy and after filtering through a few things I needed to pay to sign up to (I’m skint, not judging people who charge) I came across Heather Catlin on You Tube. For example, see below.


Each video is around 6 minutes long and initially I was sceptical. How could 6 minutes be worth it let alone do anything, but they do seem to work. They get my heart rate up, they incorporate different moves so are not boring, they are challenging enough to be engaging while achievable and there’s none of that pesky chatting that you get with other videos. There are different videos for different things such as core, balance, glutes etc….. and I love the pace she moves at! It also needs next to no equipment and the equipment it does need can be found round the house or adapted from items round the house (water bottles make great weights BTW).

6 minutes is doable in any day, so I have no excuses now!

My husband will go running with me on Thursday evening as well so I will hopefully have the energy for it!



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  1. klyse3 says:

    Glad you found something more efficient that you can do! The research does show that HIIT is good for you, so even a few minutes is probably helping you keep up fitness. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope so! 🙂 and thank you


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