Shopping for a pregnancy harness

The Full Body Harness

When we found out we were pregnant and were going to keep it, we then went hunting for a full body harness. There are limited choices for the pregnant lady in the UK. However, I wanted to try one on before we committed to the £70 for something I’ll wear maybe 30 times so off we went to Llanberis (because I have given up all hope of finding anything even remotely relevant in the West Midlands when it comes to female gear).

We went into one shop and asked the very young male shop assistant if he had any full body harness’ in as I wanted to try one on, we also explained it was due to being pregnant.  He looked scared and confused in equal measures and then lectured me for around 8 minutes on where to buy the best IRATA type harness (which was apparently what I wanted) and not the Petzl 8003 as I had (apparently mistakenly) assumed I wanted to try on. I thanked him way more politely than I should have and walked up the road to V12.

The not as young male shop assistant behind the counter jumped up out of his seat as soon as I asked for the Petzl 8003, grabbed one of the several he had in stock, helped me fit it and then hung me from the ceiling. He then spent 15 minutes on the internet looking at various harness’ with me and offering his advice on which he thought would fit the best and which wouldn’t work as well with a bump. We got the Petzl 8003 as it seemed the best of a limited choice and thanked him for his help. He mentioned that he hardly ever had any women come in who were looking for pregnancy related gear which, give the amount of effort he put in, made me remember why I shop at V12.

We have since used the full body harness and after several adjustments have found a mostly ok and mostly comfortable way of dealing with it. It’s not the best. If I had my time again I may have got the Mountain Mama and just swallowed the shipping costs and dealt with the fact I couldn’t try before buy.

However, I now have the gear to enable me to be more active and I want to thank the gentleman at V12 for being so very helpful.


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