What does running while pregnant look like?

Pregnancy week 15/16 (ish) and I am finally feeling mostly normal. I think i’m in the sweet spot between the sickness and being visibly pregnant. My hips have been causing some issues, but that’s due to an old injury and I am doing physio to keep it at bay.

Last night we did our old favourite of running to do the food shop and back. This is about 5k all in so nothing too drastic. It’s half on pavements and half through woodland so it’s a pretty nice little route. It also takes in a few mini hills, so ticks loads of boxes.

Husband came back from work, I set the Garmin and we headed out.

The run was ok. We did a walk run thing where we mainly ran for 4 minutes and then walked for 1 or 2 minutes. Nothing too epic and it felt good all the way there. I’m not really showing as pregnant as yet, I just kind of look a bit thicker round the middle so if anyone had any thoughts about my running it’d probably be that I was looking to lose weight. I could feel the pregnancy in the sense that my stomach was sticking out a bit more by the time we got to Tesco, but I assume that is down to things moving about.

We passed another runner and did the whole “head nod and smile” thing. So it all felt pretty normal and like I was back in the running community.

Thankfully Tesco has a bathroom so I was able to pee while we were there and the able to pee again when we got back. I was also able to practice my pelvic floor exercises while running which was a first and not as tricky as I expected.

All my dizziness has also gone so I felt ok to be out running.

However, in the evening after our tea my stomach was sore and I had some pain in that area, accompanied by some mild sickness. Back to Google and Google advised that pain like I was experiencing was normal and that the sickness was likely due to eating. There was no bleeding and no sharp pain so I assume it was just everything settling back down. Unfortunately the pain (mild and infrequent and nothing to worry about as such) was enough to bother me for the night so I didn’t get a restful nights sleep. Logic escapes even the most logical people at 3am I’d imagine.

I have woken up (haha – I mean got up) today feeling tired, a bit sore and a bit tender. However, there has been no sharp pain, no blood and I basically feel like I have been for a bit of a run. Like I normally would after 13k though…………….

Was it worth it? Yes. Running hurts anyway. Running is one of those activities I do that I generally hate while doing for the first 20 minutes, then love for an hour or so and then hate for the last 20 minutes. I cannot expect to feel any different while pregnant and, to be honest, I kind of need to accept that I may actually feel worse due to all the changes going on inside me.

I feel sick today, but that’s due to over eating last night and lack of sleep. I need to remember to eat little and often. I also need to re-hydrate better.

Will I be going out again this week? Yes, you bet ya.

Tonight I plan on doing my hip and ass pregnancy yoga so i’ll let you know how I get on for the rest of the week.


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  1. klyse3 says:

    “Running hurts anyway.” <–this was one of the more shocking realizations for me as a new runner. I just assumed that if I did it a lot, eventually running would be easy. But no, running is never, ever easy. Some runs leave me less tired and less sore, but they're never easy.

    Glad you were able to get some running in! Hope the tiredness/sickness go away.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I was the same. Lol. I always thought running would be hard until I had been running for a few weeks, then a few months…… but no! 🙂 I kind of like that it’s still hard, but also kind of wish it looked like it does in the glossy magazines!

      Liked by 1 person

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