Cross training while pregnant – what does that look like and what are you actually training for?

When I was training for the ultra I used to run three to four times a week (long run on the weekend), row three times a week generally on the opposite day (around 5 – 6k) and aim to do yoga once to twice a week. I’d also try and climb at least once, but I wasn’t including it as part of my “training” as climbing is just fun for me.

The running was to build mileage/volume. I used to make sure one of the sessions was a hill session, one of the sessions had to be a faster session and one was the long run. This seemed to work. If I could get an extra run in I’d do that as well. I was also trying to walk 5k a day on top. The rowing was to help build muscles, help my core, my back, my legs and because I was good at it. I’m not great at running and I’m slower than my husband, so it was nice to have something in my schedule which was good for my ego and fun, plus beneficial. The yoga was to stop be becoming as stiff as a board and I also really enjoy yoga. I used to do Erin Motz yoga from Bad Yogi as she’s got a fantastic series of video’s called the 30 day challenge and you can pick whatever one you want to do that day.

But now I’m pregnant.

Obviously, I won’t be running an ultra in August as I’ll be around 7 months pregnant by then (ish) and, as I have not run an ultra before, I cannot now put the training in to make it worthwhile and it’s potentially unlikely that I would be able to do it while being so pregnant. It wasn’t a massive ultra, it was an into ultra (30 miler), but that’s 30 miles while pregnant.

So what do I do? Should I keep running? Plus, is there really any point in training? What am I training for? To push a small human out of my vagina? What’s the point in carrying on training for an ultra that isn’t going to happen for at least another 15 months?

It’s taken me almost 4 months to get to the point where I want to train or want to exercise properly.  I have done some runs and I have walked at least 3 miles most days (sometimes while vomiting), but that’s so little compared to what I was doing. I couldn’t exercise as much while in the 1st trimmest due to the sickness, tiredness, fear and then my hips started causing issues………..

But bouldering at Redpoint on the weekend reminded me why I climb. I used to like running so why not run while pregnant? I used to love rowing, so why not row while I’m pregnant? I still exist afterall. The pregnancy is part of me so I need to take it along with me.

No, I’m not going to be running an ultra in August 2017, but I really want to do it in August 2018 so I may as well stay as fit as I can while I’m pregnant. Plus, being fit and healthy while pregnant has got to be a bonus, right? Surely the less weight I gain, the more muscles I build and the better cardio system I have the better the pregnancy will be? Surely I owe it to me and Ellie (bump) to be fit? Plus I used to run for my mental health and not just my physical health so let’s keep that in mind and get back on it!

Back to Google. Go on, type in – training schedule for pregnancy – and see what pops up. I got a 5k training program, an article from runners world, some interesting articles from fitpregnancy and something from a body building website. Ok, so far so good. At least there is some information out there! It’s limited, but it’s a start.

However, it’s not tailored to me so I am going to create my own. I can use bits from each of the sites to create something that suits me and my pregnancy.

This week I’ll be doing yoga from Tonic (pregnancy yoga on You Tube as I refuse to pay £13 to go to pregnancy yoga and lie on the floor for 50 minutes…………….). I’m off for a 5k run tonight with the husband when he gets back from work and will aim to do two more this week. I will also aim to row twice, but build back up slowly. I need to keep on top of my hip physio as well so that the little niggle (shooting pain) stays at bay.

I won’t be doing my 12k long run at the weekend………………………. But I may pop to Park Run instead and drag the husband with me.

I’ll let you know how I get on and have a look at the link below for the pregnancy yoga I found, it’s actually quite good!



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