running during pregnancy cont………

So, it’s been over a week since my last post and the update is………………. I’ve not made it out running that much. In fact, I think I have been running twice and rowing once in that time (which is around a month).

The combined effect of having debilitating pregnancy symptoms has made any form of exercise incredibly hard. To be honest, I’ve had to focus more on sleeping, eating and gentle exercise than running. The runs I have done have been short, gone are the 6k, 10k or 13k runs I was doing.

The really nasty and worrying effect of not running has been poor mental health. There have been tears, there has been one full scale melt down which was over something tiny and my poor husband got the full force of it. However, mainly I have just been feeling physically and mentally unwell.

I’m unhappy about being pregnant, that’s the truth. I hate it. I hate feeling ill every day. It’s utterly demoralising. It’s like having a hangover for 6 weeks. I hate the fact that my body has already changed (my boobs are sore, I am peeing more often, my blood sugar levels are crazy up and down etc..) and, apparently, it’s not going to get any better. In fact, it’s going to get worse – if the internet is to be believed.

The one thing I have noticed is that exercise does help, so when I manage to do it (even if it’s only a short walk) then I generally come back feeling better and my sickness has decreased. Even though I know all this it’s still been hard to motivate  myself out the door when I have been retching.

However, week 9 of pregnancy (I think i’m in week 9) is going to be a running week. We have a running date booked in tonight (husband and i) and I am really looking forward to it. Even if I only do 30 minutes I’m going to lace up my trainers and get out there. I will then do two further runs (sickness permitting).

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!


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