Everyone has an opinion and it’ll only get worse

I’ve been pregnant for the sum total of around 5 weeks and 3 days so far and already I have had opinions fostered on me and feel like my life isn’t my own. It officially sucks.

Be it the Doctor telling me it was a blessing, the nurse telling me it was a gift from God, the physio telling me he’d pray for me and the baby, the shop assistant telling me I can wear extra-large clothes rather than maternity clothes or a course provider telling me my life has now changed for ever “and not always in the best way!” – it’s been endless and I’m already sick of it.

My husband (well meaning, kind of has a say) has already started informing me what I should and should not be eating, the amount of exercise I should and should not be doing, the second cup of coffee I may want to consider not having, the tea I should stop drinking and so forth and so on.

Essentially, in one pee on a stick and me and my life and my body and my actions have become public property and it’s not even proper public knowledge yet. Can you imagine how much worse it’s going to get?  At least celebrities, who have their lives invaded and put under a microscope, get the massive pay packet to cushion the blow of suddenly having opinions forced on them and being judged all the damn time.

Everyone who knows about the pregnancy has already has an opinion on what I should and should not be doing and what is and is not best “for the baby” while I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact I’m pregnant. In fact, only one person has been objective and supportive and that’s the lady who I’ve just let down as part of the 7 women 7 challenges (I was the one running the ultra, remember).

In the case of my husband, what is adding to it all is that he is telling me all this while smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, going running and driving around. His day to day movements are not being limited. I genuinely currently feel like my life is over. He’s going away climbing in two weeks’ time and keeps encouraging me to go away the same weekend, to see the girls. He seems to be totally missing the point that I am currently alternating between being sick, dizzy, sleepy, moody, crying and stressed, plus I cannot drove, so how the fucking hell am I supposed to go away and see my friends? To add on to all that, I’m also the one who’s stuck in one room in his parents’ house as I cannot leave incase I faint. Fuck my life.

I am also a massive bitch on occasions and appear to have absolutely no control over it (although I am trying very damn hard).


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