Climbing while pregnant

For the first trimester I didn’t really climb. I was sick, I was worried and I was tired.

However, we did do a day out on Little Tryfan to test out the new full body harness and that turned out to be really fun. I was very cautious and my days of leading are currently over, but my husband and I had a great time. We plan to go back and do more.

The issues I have were:

  • I got tired really easily
  • I needed to pee a lot more (not easy on multi pitch at the best of times)
  • I was super cautious
  • The full body harness has no padding and is not comfy

The best bits were:

  • I felt like me
  • I enjoyed the time I spent with my husband
  • It was a lot of fun
  • I was getting exercise

Since then we have been to The Beacon twice. Turns out my climbing grade is pretty much what it was even with the three months off, the not yet quite visible bump does already get in the way when trying to do high rock overs and lowering back down in a full body harness is really not comfy.

I got no funny looks. Noone asked me why the hell I was climbing and we bumped into an old friend who immediately twigged why I was wearing a full body harness. It was kind of a nice way to announce that we were pregnant. Plus my husband is pleased as punch about the whole thing.

Husband was away working this weekend so I braved my old local climbing wall Redpoint. I tried some bouldering which is something I avoided during my first three months due to the added risk of a fall causing a miscarriage. I couldn’t quite do the upside down bride on an old 5c+ fav of mine, but that’s more likely down to having three months off climbing.

I used to work at the wall so I got to tell some of my old colleagues about the pregnancy and speak to one of the ladies who has had kids and climbs. She reassured me that I was doing the right thing in keeping active and that I was not harming the baby. It felt so refreshing to be open about the pregnancy and to be doing something that was ME again.

I didn’t jump from the top of any route, but I did allow myself to jump from half way (about 1 meter to the floor – Redpoint is quite short) and nothing bad happened. I felt liberated and like me and Ellie were a team.

Yes, being pregnant is hard. I do still hate about 70% of what is going on, but I have started to get my head round the fact that I am pregnant and am starting to enjoy the idea of having a child.

Pregnancy doesn’t quite “rock” yet and I am pretty sure I won’t ever be happy about it, but I am no longer filled with anger and hate about the process.


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