The Bad Run

Loads of meme’s, funny pictures, people and specialists will assure you that “there is no such thing as a bad run” and I am here to tell you that they are lying (kind of).

There is such a thing as a bad run. My run near Aberdaron last week will 100% forever go down as a bad run. A run which essentially was a total waste of energy, time, effort, clothes and battery on my Garmin. I hated it. I hated almost every minute of it and when I got back there was no euphoria, but there was a bad mood made worse by a bad run.

Let me clarify. The run was in the kind of wind that sends an 11st women off her feet and into bushes made entirely of thorns. This resulted in bleeding legs and hands. The run itself was on a sheep path round the edge of a cliff which (should I have slipped) would have resulted in literal death in the crashing waves 30 feet below me. Remember the wind I mentioned before? Yes, that was also trying in vain to push me off the cliff. It was also raining. The run also lasted about an hour and was the total distance of round 2 miles – not exactly a PB. I walked most of it trying not to die. The end of the run was uphill on tarmac back to the van which was rocking in the gale force wind. I got back to the van, stripped off my wet smelly clothes and probably looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp. Not a happy Rae.

So, where’s the hearty ending I hear you cry? Tell us that it was wonderful in some way! Give us hope.

Well, I ran. I went out when I really didn’t want to. I hated every single minute of it and it did nothing for my bad mood, but I went. It may have only been two miles, but in October last year had I done two miles I would have been proud of myself and not annoyed at a slow run being logged on my stats. It counted towards my 1000k for the year and it made me 2 miles closer to my medal. I guess in some way it was mental training. It was a bloody good lesson in the fact that a sheep track does not count as a path and just because a sheep can get along it doesn’t mean that I can.

So, was it really a bad run? 95% yes. Yes, it was a bad run. However, it was still 2 more miles and I didn’t die so I guess you could call that a win.


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