Yep, injury. It’s like that elephant – we all know it’s there, but we don’t want to talk about it.

I’ve had lots of injuries over the years from various adventures and some injuries from, quite frankly, unnecessarily unfair situations which, realistically, shouldn’t have put me on crutches. CRUTCHES!!! Do you know how hard it is to get through a door in Costa on CRUTCHES!!

Like when I got a grade two tear in my gastrocnemius muscle for THE SECOND TIME due to hopping up a step. I don’t mean I was doing some hardcore training by hopping up stairs or anything. I mean I “hopped” up a step like you “pop” down the shops or give someone a “tinkle” or “gaily” embark on eating a sandwich. It put me on crutches for TWO WEEKS! Plus, it really hurt. As you can probably tell, I’m quite indignant about the whole thing. At least the first time I tore the muscle it was due to me training too much. In hindsight, this second tear was probably due to not being as fixed as I had assumed I was as I hadn’t really done my physio as much as I should have. I’d kind of just assumed I was fixed because I had vaguely done the physio for a few weeks on and off and then not run again so it had stopped hurting.

Anyway, this time when I went to physio (a-bloody-gain), it got fixed properly, but I lost my confidence and gave up running for a year. Once I got over myself and with the help of my husband I started running again and I loved it! For a few months anyway. Then I got pain in my hip! I felt like an old lady hobbling around. So, off I went to speak to people paid way more than me and got another stack of A4 paper with instructions on for various stretching, strengthening and general movement activities. I did them. My hip got better and my legs got more toned as a bonus. I got to tell funny stories to my aunt about how I was keeping the weights in the bathroom so that every time I went for a pee I could do 25 weighted squats. I kept the TheraBand attached to the leg of the bed so that each time I walked past it I’d do 75 resistance exercises. I got confident, I started running again.

My hip got so much better that I started running small hills again. Then my gastrocnemius muscle starts doing that “hi, I’m here and will cause you pain if you don’t pay me loads of attention thing” and my husband commented on a weird dip he could see in my calf as I walked up the stairs in front of him after a run. He normally looks at my bottom so it must have been a big enough dip to draw his eyes away.

Google helpfully gave me lots of horror stories about never walking again, let alone running and I got myself in a bit of a tis until hubby pointed out that I was walking round the living room waving my hands around and kicking the table so I was probably actually ok. His motivational words had no effect. I was DOOMED.

At which point I almost gave up. Clearly I wasn’t supposed to be a runner, clearly I was supposed to be sitting on the sofa getting fat instead. I had a tantrum. I had another tantrum. I Googled for a bit to see if it could be magically fixed by, well, googling. Turns out it couldn’t and that I’d have to put effort in to get it sorted (again). So off to the Tough Girl forum I went where I got some really sound advice from some really encouraging ladies.

Then I had a bit of a light bulb moment. I was having to put effort in. Fixing the hip and leg were going to take effort. Actual real effort and effort from me. Was I really going to get stressed about having to do a few stretches a day when my plan was to train for a 30-mile run? So, I gave myself a slap round the metaphorical face and got on with it.

I’ll let you know if it works…………..


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